Our Chosen Charity

We are thrilled to now share the just giving page link to our chosen charity Lisa’s Army.

This charity was chosen due to one of our colleagues knowing Lisa as a friend before she tragically passed away. We have, and continue to hold various charity events for Lisa’s Army and now you can help by clicking this link and donating direct to the just giving page.

This charity is in honour of Lisa who was sadly diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 32 and she was faced with the unthinkable, telling her two young children she was dying. Lisa chose to dedicate all of her time to raise awareness about the disease and also created a blog which reached in excess of 11,000 people. In hope that she could help other parents tell their young children the hardest thing any parent could be faced with, she wrote a book ‘Only One of Me’ which helps parents tell their children they are dying.

This charitable company is her lasting legacy and a culmination of her inspirational work. The charity has been created by Lisa to help others who have been given a terminal diagnosis. All funds raised will be used by the charity for others affected by cancer.


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