Student induction day at Avon Valley College

Halsall were delighted to be involved in arranging the student induction day at Avon Valley College, Durrington on Friday the 8th of November.

This was a live site visit which incorporated a guided tour around the current project and a detailed overview of the construction processes being completed from Halsall’s Project Manager, Carl Wyn. The attendees included two groups of 20 students from differing year groups, the headteacher and a number of other members of school teaching staff.

The Avon Valley College project we are completing is a £4 million design and build project consisting of a new three storey, 15 classroom block to increase the Avon Valley College capacity to accommodate the UK Armed Forces return to the local area. The new build will be an incredible asset to the school and local area.

Introducing construction into the students curriculum is something Halsall are proud to be a part of, helping to make construction a career of choice for both male and female students. Events like these show Halsall’s commitment to promoting the construction industry to young people in our region and encouraging the next generation to seek out careers in our sector.

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