Management Standards

Know what you want
Planning and Preparation

Clear plan, effectively communicated

Our people understand who our audience is, we take a balanced and forward view, sense check and get what we need.  

We use the opportunity to demonstrate our own personal performance and quality of work.

Time Management

Motivated and high performing teams

Our people focus on knowing the outcomes that are needed. We prioritise and understand roles and responsibilities. 

We use the RACI model and respect deadlines.

Do what you say you'll do
Look after the business
Protecting the Business

Is this in the company’s best interest?

Our people know how to manage difficult situations. They know what we have signed up for and have a strong commercial acumen.

We all treat the business as if it were our own and all have a positive impact.

Upholding Standards

Being visible and accountable

Our people ensure our standards of reporting are consistently met, with a focus on accuracy and timeliness. 

We do what we say we will do – all of the time.

Required standards
What I do is how we do
Process Management

Being challenged and supported

Halsall people consistently comply with the processes in the business. 

We understand and use the tools that we have, ensuring checkpoints are always utilised, championed and are able to articulate the consequences.

Understanding Performance

Leadership at every level

Our people are credible. They know their teams and what tools are needed to be successful.

We utilise 360 feedback to create informed development plans. All of our people hold themselves and others accountable.

High performance