Diversion from landfill at 99% for our Ensleigh site!

We are proud to announce that our Ensleigh Phase 2 site currently has a 99% rate of diverting waste from landfill! We have a company KPI of 85% of all waste arising from sites to be diverted from landfill, so to have a 99% rate is outstanding for our Ensleigh site. With the UK construction industry being the highest producer of waste, this really is something to be proud of.

The development is on the former MOD Offices site Lansdown, Bath for Kersfield Developments. Adjacent to the volume house builders, Halsall are constructing 13 high end houses and are now progressing with phase 3 consisting of nine apartments. The construction site is tight and considerate management of waste is essential to keep the site functioning efficiently.

Through the careful selection of our waste management routes, using responsible hauliers and local skip facilities with excellent levels of reuse and recycling of all wastes, Halsall have been able to achieve an enviable diversion from landfill rate.

Managing Director, Andy Corp said, “This is a remarkable achievement by our team and proves that our ambitious targets for waste reduction can be achieved with a robust waste management strategy and engagement of our supply chain. The standard has now been set for all our project teams to aspire to.”

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