A great start to 2019 – Halsall announces a fantastic new project in Exeter

Congratulations Team! Halsall has been awarded the contract to design and construct a new care home for Barchester Healthcare. Having received full planning permission in June last year, the home’s construction will last around 64 weeks with Halsall starting on site in early spring 2019.

The £6.8m scheme will see the construction of a 66 bed care home in Exeter. The  care home will provide nursing  care for elderly, frail and memory care residents including day/dining facilities, communal spaces and other functional accommodation. The care home is to be constructed over 3 to 4 storeys comprising 22 beds on the ground floor, 23 beds on the first floor and 21 beds on the second  floor. Each floor comprises a lounge/dining area and an assisted bath, with a Therapy and Hairdressers on the first floor only and library on the second floor.

Barchester Healthcare specialises in delivering top quality care to the people living in their  well staffed, comfortable, secure and happy homes. They offer a wide variety of care options from short- and long-term residential care to nursing services, assisted living as well as registered hospitals and a range of services for adults with severe disabilities or mental health needs.

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